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Pañales Prudential para adultos activos con incontinencia urinaria

4 Tips to manage incontinence

4 Tips para manejar la incontinencia

Knowing how to handle incontinence is undoubtedly an important factor to live a full and carefree life. Here are 3 tips that we hope you find useful:

  1. Strengthen your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises: these exercises consist of contracting the muscles of your pelvic as when you stop the urine stream. You can perform 4 rounds of 30 repetitions in which you contract the muscles for 4 seconds and release them for 4 seconds after. Remember, do not do it while going to the bathroom, because holding your urine can be harmful to your health and cause urinary tract infections.
  2. Control your weight: it is important that you keep a healthy diet and that you engage physical activity to avoid being overweight, because there is a strong relation between overweight / obese people and those who suffer from urinary incontinence. This is because their pelvic floor muscles are weak and a round abdomen increases abdominal pressure, which leads to involuntary loss of urine.
  3. Train your bladder so that the waiting time between one trip to the bathroom and another is longer and longer. You can start waiting 10 minutes and then increase the gap by 10 minutes at a time until you achieve a goal of 3 to 4 hours between needing to use the restroom.
  4. Use the ideal product for your level of incontinence: there are Prudential products that adapt to each level and type of incontinence, and that allow you to be always protected and comfortable, so that you can feel good and take advantage of each day without limitations.

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