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Pañales Prudential para adultos activos con incontinencia urinaria

6 Tips to live better with incontinence

6 Consejos para vivir mejor si tienes incontinencia - Prudential

If you have been diagnosed with incontinence you should know that there are some good practices that will help you feel more comfortable and safe so that you can enjoy your day to day with complete freedom and independence.

  1. Wear comfortable clothing: avoid tight clothing that can make pressure in your bladder, increasing abdominal pressure and thus facilitating the loss of urine.
  2. Avoid drinks such as: soft drinks, milk, liquor, coffee, chocolate and citrus, as they irritate the bladder, making the Detrusor (the muscle responsible for keeping urine stored or letting it out) contract and allow unexpected leaks.
  3. Avoid drinking fluids at least 2 hours before going to sleep to avoid nighttime losses: If the loss of urine continues, you can use products such as Prudential Invisible. You can also complement this product with Prudential Bed Protector.
  4. Regarding your intimate care, be consistent in your personal hygiene, as the loss of urine can lead to infections due to the constant contact of the skin with the urine which helps the proliferation of bacteria due to the change in pH.
  5. Hydrate your skin: if the loss of urine has caused damage to your skin in your private areas, we recommend using creams with zinc oxide, lanolin and paraffin.
  6. Your food is important, if you have been diagnosed with urinary incontinence, we recommend to increase your fiber intake, which will help you to avoid constipation and improve the symptoms of incontinence . Among the foods that contain more fiber are fruits, vegetables and grains.