Terms and Conditions

The person (hereinafter the Participant) who enters information on this website and, subsequently, expressly accepts the terms and conditions for the entry of said information, expresses its consent for the publication of the same in the web portals owned by the company Zaimella del Ecuador SA and / or its companies and / or related persons (hereinafter Zaimella) and, additionally, is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

The Participant declares that it has been informed that Zaimella, as part of its advertising activities, wishes to publish consumer testimonials in digital media about the use of its adult diaper brand named “Prudential”. In this way, the Participant declares that the information provided was provided freely and voluntarily, and corresponds to its quality of user (a) and / or connoisseur (a) of the products of the Prudential brand.

With this, the Participant authorizes Zaimella to use the information provided on its web portal including its name, age, occupation and other personal information that it makes available to Zaimella. This information may be used in any digital medium that Zaimella occupies, in Ecuador or in any other country, for the promotion of its brands. The information may be used for an indefinite period of time.

The Participant, hereby, declares that:

  1. The information provided through the web portal is absolutely reliable and falls solely on their personal and / or professional experience.
  2. In the event of a dispute over the information provided, it declares that Zaimella has not influenced him / her for the disclosure of said information, or of information from third parties that have not expressly authorized the publication or dissemination of said information; and that if they have done it has been without pressure from Zaimella, which will not be considered liable in any way.

The Participant declares that in the future it will not present any claim for the information that will be published or for any use that is granted to it. In addition, the Participant declares that it will not have the right to receive any consideration for the use given to its information by Zaimella.